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Cary Harrison – Our Let’s Rethink This “Impact Broadcaster” for March

Cary Harrison – Our Let’s Rethink This “Impact Broadcaster” for March

You can’t say enough about a man who can’t say enough…enough, that is, about social and economic insults and inequities that take from us our lives, our liberties, and the pursuit of happiness that our Founding Fathers promised us ever so long ago.

Cary Harrison has done this all on air over the years, meticulously and explosively, and with multiple awards to confirm that reputation.

This time around, it’s not the general population that is getting the benefit of his attention – it’s our veterans. This is why Our Newspaper is applauding Cary for his bravery in seeing to it that America’s heroes will have a very public presence in the world he dominates: media broadcast.

Rethinking Heroes” (RH) enjoys the Lost Angeles drive-time airwaves from 9-10 a.m. every Friday morning on famed public radio station KPFK 90.7 FM.

It’s not simply the 2nd largest DMA audience that’s listening in. Thanks to both AM and FM opt-in affiliates and through streaming radio and video, RH is national in scope and impact.

RH also broadcasts on a series of commercial stations thanks to a unique universal format that allows it to fit any “clock” on any kind of station – from talk to music.

What’s so special?

Aren’t veterans featured on the radio and through podcasts already?

Not in the aggressive fashion and for the special purpose championed by Cary and his team at Let’s Rethink This (LRT) – which is to draw awareness to its national campaign called Veteran Mission Possible (VMP).

And exactly what is VMP’s purpose? To uncover and further the adoption of heretofore unknown remedies which, together and separately, can go a long way towards ending the twin evils of veteran unpayable medical debt and their horrific rate of suicide which runs as high as 44 per day! Per day! (Not to mention homelessness, PTSD, and drug abuse.)

If you don’t know about a problem, you can’t do anything about the problem

To maximize America’s awareness of and response to the many obstacles facing our women and men who have served – only to be disserved, RH is:

  • the only one-hour dedicated weekly show on public radio which is predominately staffed and managed by veterans.
  • the first top-of-the-hour military news-styled newscast – likewise fully delivered by a stable of 700-plus members of Military Veterans in Journalism (MVJ).
  • the only show actively seeking to interview veterans and their advocates to better understand their problems and feature their solutions. Largely by veterans, for veterans.
  • an engaging, compelling listen (and viewing: all shows video stream for additional carriers and streamers). 
  • unique in delivering interviews that are interesting to the general population as well because our “heroes” break stereotypes in the frank way in which they offer answers to very difficult questions.
  • a channel for benefactors. Within the ending show of each month, RH will forgive $1,000,000 in medical debt across the U.S. on behalf of America’s vets. Having served, and still serving.

Congratulations and thank you for bringing RH into existence, Cary Harrison. We are pleased to honor you as our March Impact Broadcaster.

Let's Rethink This is licensed under a Creative Commons (BY-NC) 4.0 License


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