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Welcome to the inaugural launch of Let’s Rethink This

We are building communities and families of like-minded individuals interested in rethinking solutions to today’s biggest challenges in addition to our impact work as we: Searchlight, Spotlight, and Ignite!

Each section of the website has getting started indexes of reference materials, where and how impact is happening and articles written about or by Impact Leaders. Learn more about us and say “Hi” in the Welcome Family. Would you like to write for us, have us feature you, or even start your own impact family? Contact us!

Impact Engine

The LRT Mission is to bring attention and scalable growth to Impact Organizations.

The purpose is to see these organizations get the attention and support they deserve, whether that be through funding, partnerships, or recognition – the latter sometimes the most rewarding at early stages.

We do this by searching, featuring, and accelerating the impact of people and organizations who are responding to today’s challenges with solutions destined to positively affect the lives of people across the world.

Whatever their stage of development, our essential compact with them is that they intend to Go Big.

Going Big

Our referent example is the charity RIP Medical Debt, whose founders declared their goal to be the abolishment of $1 billion in unpayable medical bills. In retrospect, it should have been larger. Over $4 billion in medical bills affecting the lives of over two million Americans has been forgiven to date. 

With this in mind, LRT’s founders and co-creators have declared that we will generate $1B in impactful public benefit. This will be achieved through a unique partnering model with entrepreneurs, NGOs, philanthropic institutions, and charities.

The changes that we will seek must be ambitious and they must be impactful. The times demand nothing less. The times can afford nothing less. This website and the community created here will be dedicated to those ends.

Are you someone who can help us reach the stars? Together, we can make that difference. We know from experience that it can be done. We know from experience that it cannot be done without you.

"The world as we have created it is a process of our thinking.
It cannot be changed without changing our thinking."

― Albert Einstein

Meet the Team

Jerry Ashton

LRT, Founder

Jerry is the CEO and Founder of LRT. He arrives at that position from his key role in co-founding one of America’s fastest-growing and most impactful charities, RIP Medical Debt. In the seven short years in RIP’s existence since its founding in 2014, it has raised enough funds to enable it to purchase – and forgive – over $4 billion in unpayable medical debt to positively affect the lives of over 2.5 million Americans. It is positioned to double that success by the end of 2022.

Jerry came out of retirement to duplicate in LRT the “lightning in a bottle” success enjoyed by RIP. Starting by pulling together the LRT co-creators with a similar track record in bring dreams into reality. Three words drive our work: “searchlight,” “spotlight” and “ignite.” By way of that formula, we will find the yet-to-be-discovered people and organizations that are developing innovative solutions to today’s problems. If we do our job right - and we will - LRT will achieve its goal of achieving $1 billion in powerful and measurable social and economic impact through these collective efforts.

LRT - Meet the Founders

Dina Magnes

LRT, Co-Founder

Dina is LRT Co-Founder, and Director of Culture and Engagement. She is a business consultant and certified coach passionate about cultivating success for individuals and organizations. After a distinguished career as a creative executive in the fashion industry, Dina decided to bring her innovative, result-oriented expertise into the social benefit sector. Dina’s work serves nonprofits, impact, and creative entrepreneurs.

Dina was hired to work with the fledgling US non-profit RIP Medical Debt in 2017 where she worked closely with the founding leadership to create, grow, and improve the organization's fundraising and communication efforts. Dina still works on education and engagement initiatives with RIP Medical Debt.

At the LRT website, Dina will engage with and cultivate cross-community/family relationships to facilitate strategic partnerships and impact campaigns.

LRT - Meet the Founders

Adel Elmessiry, Ph.D.

AlphaFin, CEO

AlphaFin supplies the financial/banking technology ecosystem experience to help us rethink economic transactions and ease America’s transition into a digital economy. Participating as DLN, a decentralized autonomous organization created by the community to launch an open financial network of interest-free microloans backed by one’s social reputation.

As the president chief technology officer for AlphaFin, a Draper Goren Holm portfolio company Adel is on a mission to build the next financial technology ecosystem that will empower the global economy.

He holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science at NCSU Natural Language Processing, with more than a dozen publications and inventions.

Adel serves as LRT’s overseer and creator of our work in creating and dropping NFT’s provided by members/partners of LRT who are committed to donating a portion of their revenues from successful auctions to a charity of their choice. Adel also integrates the relationships with carbon-responsible third parties to offset the carbon footprint of this important new medium. On the LRT website, Adel will oversee the “Impact Banking” community.

Ted Schulman

Coherence Software, Managing Partner

Ted’s career spans advertising, business communications, technology innovation, and a commitment to social evolutionary projects. His focus is on technology ecosystem development including distributed-ledger, decentralized-finance, interoperable infrastructure, and other internet of things (IoT) foundation technologies. Bringing impact to the Digital Divide and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) is a core interest. Informed by deep experience with major engagements, integral perspective, and sensemaking.

Ted has worked for clients including 360i, AIG, AT&T, Association of International Seafood Professionals, BBDO, Caribiner, DC Comics, Disney, Ellis Island Immigration Museum, Fireman's Fund, Ford, General Electric, Grey, Greater Harlem Chamber of Commerce, Hanna-Barbera, IBM, Lazard Frères, Lehman Brothers, Lucent, MasterCard, McCann, Merrill Lynch, MONY, NYMEX, Ogilvy, Pfizer, Rockefeller Group, Salomon Brothers, Silicon Harlem, Sony, TBWA\Chiat\Day, Visa, and many others.

Ted has overseen the LRT website development and will oversee the “Sensemaking” community.

Justin Markell

Stand With Impact, Founder

Justin is a strategy director who brings his prowess to rethink cultural capital to LRT, by way of his work in pop culture, media, activism & philanthropy, business development, and partnership creation. He brings this to LRT, as the founder of Stand With Impact, a venture studio focusing on story, capital, and behavior. Previously Markell was Head of Community at Kindred, a VC-backed impact startup (including well-known angels like the founders of Warby Parker) that did $1M in its creator product revenues in its first year. There he cultivated a creator community to channel influence for good encompassing hundreds of millions of social followers.

Markell has worked on 'Pass The Equal Rights Amendment' (FastCo World-Changing Ideas Finalist) and was part of the team that garnered a Grammy nomination for Best Dance Recording nomination for ZHU. In addition to his degree at UW-Madison, he has completed coursework in Public Leadership at Harvard Kennedy.

Partners and clients have included the Tupac Estate, DJ AM, Deepak Chopra, Kat Graham, Chance The Rapper, Passion Pit, Erica Ford, Steve Aoki, Tim Draper, HBO/WarnerMedia, Verizon Media, Ben & Jerry’s, Warner Bros. Studios, Microsoft, Facebook, Kraft, Pepsi, Complex, Lyft, Twitter, Nike, UN75, Black Lives Matter NY, Freedom March NYC, Conscious Capitalism, TEDx, PTTOW! & WORLDZ, YOUNGA, Long Now Foundation, National Resource Defense Council, Ad Council and ACLU.

Phaedra Poliquin

Phaedra is our marketing director who is responsible for managing our marketing initiatives, providing direction for our promotional materials and marketing of our individual campaigns. She sees her involvement as designing systems for campaign deployment that merge creativity and technology to propel cultural systemic change in the arts and society.

She was Co-Organizer and Mentor during the COVID-19 Global Hackathon, other partners and previous projects include TEDxTulum, Burn It Down Group LLC ,TheLife NYC, UN Nepal, Dance4aCause, DotMatrix, Zydeco Media, Immersiverse, Embassy of the Future, HUD.gov, Lincoln Military Housing, Ticketfairy, AT&T, DIRECTV, CWA, Grassroots America, Obamacare (campaign), MIT, The Global Help Desk, Junior Achievement USA, H&M, MOSCHINO, GP&J Baker, and William Morris Co.

Joel Stevens

Coherence Software, Partner and CIO

Joel is LRT’s Technical Director and project manager for LRT’s web presence and community ecology platform which will allow members to build a community or family around impact issues, aggregate content for LRT’s monthly newsletter, and overseeing the rollout of social media-centric campaigns.

Joel brings with him the experience of working at Hearst Corporation in its Digital Media department where he executed unique advertorial experiences for companies including Nike and Unilever and on Hearst website properties clients such as Cosmopolitan, Esquire, Marie Claire, Harper's Bazaar, Redbook, Good Housekeeping, Popular Mechanics, and others. As a web developer with a background in branding and advertising, previously working with the design agency GK Brand.

Joel built websites and web applications for companies launching new products and partners in the process of logo design, name creation, brand name research, messaging alignment, and conducting focus groups. As part of GK Brand, Joel also worked with non-profit and non-governmental organizations such as Meaningful World, Service Program for Older People in New York City, and Queen Community House.

Cary Harrison

VIPwebinars, Founder

Cary is LRT’s Director of Broadcast and Media Reach and co-developer of upcoming “Master Class” webinars featuring the brightest thought leaders currently found at our website.

Cary also heads LRT’s ‘Impact Traveling’, focusing on meaningful enrichment experiences for both the traveler and the people/places traveled. Placed into Who’s Who in 2020, Cary was spawned from the Mayflower and Abe Lincoln on his mother’s side and signers of the Declaration and Constitution on the other.

Cary is an award-Winning Radio Host and founder of VIPwebinars.org which is based on his years in Public Radio. VIP features talent from Nobel Prize nominees to Pulitzer Prize-winning authors and speakers who offer their “insider” knowledge on a full range of life’s issues. Recipient of Vanderbilt University's distinguished Siegenthaler Award for integrity, intelligence, and courage in the field of journalism, the Sigma Delta Chi award—the highest honor bestowed for public service by the Society of Professional Journalists, and top honors—two years running —from American Women in Radio & Television for exposé reporting and investigative journalism. Cary’s received 1st place honors for “Best Commentary” from the Associated Press and was honored by the UN for his Environmental and Peace while being nominated for an Edward R. Murrow Award in Public Radio excellence. 

Conway Bongo

Jackpot Studios, Founder

Conway serves as a creative director, motion graphics artist, and video editor for LRT. He has studied at the world-renowned Art Center and Gnomon School of Visual Effects. Traditional and digital artist by trade, his range of work has been featured in galleries along with Shepard Fairey to concept art for an array of Hollywood’s biggest studios. Currently, he is a co-owner of newly-found film production and recording studio “Jackpot Studios” in El Segundo, California.

Previous partners and clients include Ashanti, B2K, Bow Wow, Branded Arts, Omarion, Pretty Ricky, Sean “Puffy” Combs, T-pain, Warner Brothers Entertainment, Sony Computers Entertainment, Yin-Yang Twins.

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