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Reasons to Join

In a global system that is no longer working the challenge is to come together to imagine and create a future that works for everyone.

Impact Engine

When shakers and movers are creating impact, who supports those efforts? If impact were a duck, we, as an impact engine, would be the hidden feet paddling beneath the water as the duck glides forward seemingly effortlessly over the water. We provide spotlighting, support, and guidance for those who are looking to make meaningful changes in the world around them while looking for ways to scale the intended impact to a wider scope using limited resources.

Let’s Rethink This is looking for a unique audience – individuals, communities, organizations, and companies that share our belief that however much is awry in this world that much of it can be refashioned to great social benefit if we just rethought them through.

Our job at LRT is to search (searchlight) out those who are doing just that and showcase (spotlight) them and their work. We will be doing this in a newspaper-style format to start but will expand this to an Omnimedia platform using every form of communication tool available to accelerate the growth and/or impact of the people and organizations we will feature.

LRT is inspired by the experience of its founder Jerry Ashton who, because of his experience in Occupy Wall Street, co-founded the immensely impactful charity RIP Medical Debt in order to forgive people of unpayable medical debt. Over $3,000,000,000 to date for close to two million people, to be exact. As he put it, “I walked into Occupy Wall Street as a debt collector. I walked out of Occupy Wall Street ad a debt forgiver.”

LRT’s mission is to apply the lessons learned in growing RIP from an obscure two-person charity to a giant in its field to the work of those we discover who also want to experience that thrill. Join us in this search. Who knows, you might even be the person/organization/team we are searching for; it could happen.

Let's Rethink This is licensed under a Creative Commons (BY-NC) 4.0 License


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