What Are Campaigns?

We run and support campaigns focused on improving the lives of people facing seemingly impossible challenges.

Our Featured Campaign

Veteran Mission Possible

A Collaborative Veteran Advocacy Campaign to Reduce Veteran Suicide and End Veteran Medical Debt

Campaign Portfolio

Audacity Therapeutics

The founder, Barbara Handelin, Ph.D, impressed by Jerry’s call for “rethinking,” reached out. Her firm had significant intellectual assets and a game plan that could dramatically and positively disrupt current forms of pharmaceutical funding, but had yet to achieve public attention and interest – the first step in attracting funding. Audacity and LRT contracted to work together in early 2022. A few of the assets created for Audacity include articles, radio interview, hero comic, assets for social media, and updated web design direction.

Mission Daybreak

The Department of Veterans Affairs is offering $20 million to innovators who can find novel solutions to reduce Veteran suicide. Together with our brilliant colllaborators, we have crafted and presented a complete 360 degree solution that our heroes need.


US Military Veterans are committing suicide at a rate of 22 per day. A major cause? Unpayable medical debt! This campaign aims to bring awareness of the issue, change practices at the VA, and relieve Veterans of their medical debt so they can truly heal.


Abolish $1 million in medical debt on that day through the money raised and the combined efforts of RIP and KPFK.

DCBS - India

DCBS (Dhosa Chandaneswar Bratyajan Samity) is a respected Development Organization working for women imprisoned in poverty in West Bengal.

Physician Outlook

Fundraising/subscription filling campaign


eMCG is bringing revolutionary, life-saving technology to the market with the help of LRT.

The Olderhood Group

A doorway to a better future for older people.

Photographer Ernie Paniccioli NFT of Grandmaster Melle Mel

Let's Rethink This collaborated with Brother Ernie to honor Melle Mel for his decades in the industry and the impact of his 1982 classic "The Message" via a completed NFT auction with proceeds destined to a charity of his choosing.

Let's Rethink This is licensed under a Creative Commons (BY-NC) 4.0 License


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