The world has always been in transition. Now is the time of the Great Transition. How do we direct this transition in a positive way and dictate where we want to go?

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Great Transition Stories

The stories that we tell ourselves define our cultures and possibilities. The Great Transition we are in right now are the trends that speak to the rise or fall of our cultures and societies. Profound change (such as: climate change, the search for oil, the overhunting and overfishing of our food resources) can put systems into crisis or stasis. Stories we tell around this dictate how to feel able to respond to these profound changes and control our transitions in a positive way.

We are seeking facilitators and subject matter experts to get involved and contribute what matters to them as it relates to solving modern problems surrounding culture. Contact us to learn more.

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Great Transition Stories

New Story of the People

Our crisis goes much deeper than any particular issue. Underneath all issues is a faulty story of separation. It is time for a new story of the people. If we change the story, we change the world. Video by Sustainable Human

Great Transition Stories

Great Transition Stories

These are times of Great Transition. Where do we begin when we can't see ahead? Which path will we choose? How will we know? What do we need to make the journey a success? There are vital stories that can guide us as we co-create Humanity’s path forward.


Great Transition Stories

The Transition

Daniel Schmachtenberger, Jordan Hall, and Forest Landry sit down to discuss the transition happening in our world. Are nations and capitalism still viable systems or are they nearing their end of life? If so, what comes next?

Great Transition Stories

Humanity's Great Transition - Bioneers

Acclaimed filmmaker Louie Schwartzberg shows his short film narrated by Morgan Freeman, Humanity's Great Transition.


Alex Evans Keynote at Agora for the Great Transition

Alex Evans is the author of the book ‘The Myth Gap’. He argues: "In this time of global crisis and transition — mass migration, inequality, resource scarcity, and climate change — it is only by finding new myths, those that speak to us of renewal and restoration, that we will navigate our way to a better future.



A New Earth - Eckhart Tolle with Oprah. The Flowering Of Human Consciousness

 In "Chapter One: The Flowering of Human Consciousness", Tolle discusses the "inherent dysfunction in humanity" and proposes ways that readers may rise above it.[

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