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Systems Thinking

Systems thinking is the ability or skill to perform problem solving in complex systems. Changing one part of the system affects other parts and the whole system, with predictable patterns of behavior.

We are seeking facilitators and subject matter experts to get involved and contribute what matters to them as it relates to discussing modern issues and concepts surrounding sensemaking. Contact us to learn more.

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Systems Thinking

Sustainability - Full Documentary

This video explores the rise of the concept of sustainability as it has gone from the fringes to the mainstream within just a few short decades, driven by an environmental crisis on a global scale. In this short documentary film, we explore this new environmental context of the Anthropocene and the key structural transformations in our economy required to achieve sustainability in the age of globalization. Join the community: https://www.systemsinnovation.network

Systems Thinking

Intro To Systems Thinking

System Thinking - The core principles for successfully working with complex systems.


The Complexity of Emergent Systems

Joe Simkins at TEDxColumbus explains how simplicity and complexity are similar things.


12 Tenets of Holons

A holon is something that is simultaneously a whole in and of itself, as well as a part of a larger whole. In other words, holons can be understood as the constituent part–wholes of a hierarchy.

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