The primacy of consciousness theory asserts that consciousness somehow creates reality.
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The Primacy of Consciousness

There is now growing support for the idea that consciousness as fundamental and even primary, as Max Planck noted – and these views have considerably greater explanatory power when it comes to accounting for this wider evidence base, which materialist positions tend to ignore or dismiss.

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The Primacy of Consciousness

Why You Need Awe

For non commercial, educational use only - dedicated to Michael Pollan's book HOW TO CHANGE YOUR MIND CREDITS: PRODUCED and PERFORMED by Jason Silva, DIRECTED and EDITED by Marija Guar Coneva


The Primacy of Consciousness

How You Can Change Reality

“We are co-creators of this reality and we co-create in many ways.” ~ Tom Campbell. Link to Tom's work: 
Video by Sustainable Human


The Primacy of Consciousness

It Will Give You Goosebumps - Alan Watts on The Secret

"Really, the fundamental, ultimate mystery — the only thing you need to know to understand the deepest metaphysical secrets — is this: that for every outside there is an inside and for every inside there is an outside, and although they are different, they go together." – Alan Watts (1915 – 1973)


The Primacy of Consciousness

What Is Reality?

What if the very fabric of space and time isn't made of one-dimensional strings or energy as we think of it, but instead was simply a code or a language made from a geometric projection?


The Primacy of Consciousness

Do We See Reality As It Is?

Cognitive scientist Donald Hoffman is trying to answer a big question: Do we experience the world as it really is ... or as we need it to be? In this ever so slightly mind-blowing talk, he ponders how our minds construct reality for us.


The Primacy of Consciousness

The Case Against Reality - Prof. Donald Hoffman on Conscious Agent Theory

We have no clue how consciousness emerges from 3 pounds of wet goo. Cognitive scientist Don Hoffman takes us deep into his research suggesting we're attacking the problem backwards. The implications may challenge all you know about our place in reality. Take the Red Pill and see how deep the rabbit hole goes...

The Primacy of Consciousness

The Primacy of Consciousness

Peter Russell proposes that mind is more fundamental than matter. He explores the problems science has explaining consciousness and argues that consciousness is not created by the brain, but is inherent in all beings.

The Primacy of Consciousness

The Power Of Consciousness

Bruce Lipton is a cellular biologist who is the author of "The Biology Of Belief" and "Spontaneous Evolution". He talks about his life, his work, and how he sees the predicament of the human race.

The Primacy of Consciousness

Non-Duality and the Nature of Experience

Rupert Spira, author of “The Transparency of Things,” speaks here with Paul J. Mills of UC San Diego about the concept of non-duality, or advaita. They explore the idea that there is no separation between the self and the universe -- and how understanding this basic truth will lead to greater wellbeing.

The Primacy of Consciousness

The Quest for a Theory of Everything

Synthesizing relativity and quantum theory would be the crowning achievement of science, a profound merging of all the forces of nature into one beautiful, magnificent equation to unlock the deepest mysteries in science. In this episode, Michael Shermer speaks with professor of theoretical physics Michio Kaku about: the Big Bang, black holes, worm holes, the multiverse, time travel, dark energy and dark matter, gravity, string theory, ETIs, and meaning.

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