Open source promotes democracy in the innovation game: with open source services, there is no discrimination against persons or groups or against haves and have nots.

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Open Source Innovation

Open source software and technology helps increase the pace of innovation by opening software platforms to collaboration, growth and the free exchange of ideas.

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Open Source Innovation

Radical Openness - TEDGlobal 2012

JASON SILVA is an extraordinary new breed of philosopher who meshes philosophical wisdom of the ages with an infectious optimism for the future. Combining intriguing insights and a mastery of digital filmmaking, Jason delivers philosophical shots of espresso, which unravel the incredible possibilities the future has to offer the human race.

Open Source Innovation

The Rise Of Open-Source Software

Open-source software powers nearly all the world’s major companies. This software is freely available, and is developed collaboratively, maintained by a broad network that includes everyone from unpaid volunteers to employees at competing tech companies.


Open Source Innovation

Why Open Government is So Crucial To Our Society

Martha Mendoza talks about the importance of open government and about using Freedom of Information laws around the globe to ensure transparency.

Open Source Innovation

Civilization Starter Kit

Marcin Jakubowski is open-sourcing a set of blueprints for 50 farming tools that can be built cheaply from scratch. Call it a "civilization starter kit." Declaring that, "We can lead self-sustaining lives without sacrificing our standard of living," he believes that only by opening the means of production can we achieve abundance for all.


Open Source Innovation

What are Creative Commons Licenses?

This video will introduce you to Creative Commons licenses, which makes copyright easier to understand.

Open Source Innovation

Open Data Changes Lives

As the Evangelist for Data.Gov, Jeanne Holm leads collaboration and builds communities with the public, educators, developers, and international and state governments in using open government data.

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