25 May 2022

“Healthcare Hero” for May – Barbara Handelin of Audacity Therapeutics

Barbara Handelin of Audacity Therapeutics is on an important mission to change the way in which funds can be raised for drug development and/or repurposing to meet the needs of the 90 per cent of us who have a condition with no effective treatment. She and her team’s work may likely change an ind...

May 13, 2022

April Impact Artist of the Month - “SemperFiedArtist” Marine Cpl kenneth james

The stars aligned to cause disabled Marine Cpl (veteran) kenneth james to first be tapped by #EndVetMedDebt to have his artwork – “Suicide Bridge” – become the landing page art for a major campaign launch regarding veteran medical debt, and then to become selected as our Impact Artist for the mon...

May 10, 2022

The Month of May is Dedicated to Appreciating Our Military

Before we get to the medical debt part where there are millions of dollars in medical debt on the backs of our bravest (veterans owe money for medical services?), were you even aware that May is marked officially as the month in which we honor our military? Do you know that the month also honors...

April 22, 2022

We Can Have Our Medicines and Afford Them Too

After earning a Ph.D. in human genetics in 1987, I chose to enter the nascent biotechnology industry rather than pursue conventional academic science. Venture capitalists in Cambridge, Mass, and elsewhere had caught wind of revolutionary genetic discoveries in university labs and academic medical...

April 19, 2022

The Kinship Shared by Veterans and Olympians: What’s Next?

Veterans and Olympians have a kinship in the weeds of discomfort, and “discomfort” may be an understatement. Olympians and military personnel retire their vocation then immediately feel lost. No matter how much one has thought about retiring after sport or the military, the brain and the body go ...

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