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29 May 2023

“I’ll Donate to That!” In Memorium, Larry Rivkin WWII Veteran and Friend

Larry devoted his own safety and future to salvage lives by flying extremely dangerous covert missions over occupied France during WWII. Decades later on this Memorial Day, that spirit is still there and making that caring difference. Years back when I was first struggling in my fundraising role...

May 29, 2023

My Long Road to Seeing Veteran Medical Debt Owed Through the VA Forgiven

In early January 2018 I wrote a Huffington Post piece about my previous November’s experience in marching in NYC’s famed Veteran’s Day Parade – and my discomfort with parade goers who shook my hand saying, “Thank you for your service.” They mean well and the sentiments are authentic, but a key el...

May 02, 2023

Marijuana Research for Veterans’ Ailments Stumbles in Senate

Pot studies were aimed at reducing chronic pain, stress, trauma Senate voted down advancing Tester-Sullivan bill The Senate, in a rare move, considered - but ultimately opted against - whether to back cannabis research at the Veterans Affairs Department for generations of former troops ...

April 12, 2023

Anthony “AJ” Loiacono – Not Bashful When Confronting His Own Industry

When Rehinking Heros' Cary Harrison started his interview with Anthony J “AJ” Loiacono, CEO of the Pharmacy Benefit Management Corporation Capital-Rx, it was first to thank him for what his firm is doing with Rethinking Heroes to help pocket-book weary – veteran and civilian – Americans get a bre...

March 27, 2023

The Ripples of War Are Only Beginning to Spread. Is America Ready?

Drop a pebble into a pond and, after the initial splash, ripples spread across the water. It’s a familiar image, one we know so intuitively that everyone understands immediately what you mean by the phrase “ripple effect.” Yet, even when the pebble is a boulder, and the splash soaks us, we may no...

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