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27 February 2023

Caron LeNoir, February’s Let’s Rethink This Impact Journalist

Have you ever noticed (I have) that journalists and media folk seem to be stories in themselves…oftentimes having lives and having a personal history more interesting than the stories about others that they are busy getting “out there?” Proving my observation is Caron LeNoir whose own adventures...

February 24, 2023

Small Town Shocked to Learn Army Veteran Was Secretly Paying Stranger’s Bills for a Decade

Veterans often have a difficult time reintegrating into their communities. One Alabama veteran, however, used secretly paying citizen’s bills as his way to re-integrate into his community. Many post-war vets who successfully get back to normal life don’t necessarily thrive due to a lack of res...

January 31, 2023

Let’s Rethink This Chooses Meta J Mereday as January’s “Impact Journalist”

Let’s Rethink This Chooses Meta J Mereday as January’s “Impact Journalist” Meta J Mereday is a Civilian First Responder, better known as a Domestic Warrior, with a family background rooted in the military with even deeper and even deeper roots in community, social and economic justice by way of ...

January 20, 2023

VA & Non-VA Healthcare Facilities Now Free for Veterans in Suicide Crisis

WASHINGTON – Starting Jan. 17, Veterans in acute suicidal crisis will be able to go to any VA or non-VA health care facility for emergency health care at no cost – including inpatient or crisis residential care for up to 30 days and outpatient care for up to 90 days. Veterans do not need to ...

January 10, 2023

Ending Veteran Suicide: Let’s Rethink This…

The rates of veteran suicide are unacceptably high. Veterans deserve the best care. They sacrifice so much for all of us, and they deserve much better care than they’re getting for the consequences of their sacrifices. One organization that’s seeking to address this problem is Let’s Rethink This....

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