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29 December 2022

Medical Debt Is Being Erased in Ohio and Illinois. Is Your Town Next?

Editors note: A glimpse of the power of awareness. Once people learn of solutions, they next educate themselves (can you actually abolish medical debt?) and then put those remedies to work. The Veteran Mission Possible campaign, itself an outgrowth of the RIP Medical Debt charity&nb...

December 29, 2022

It’s a Wonderful Life and Veteran Suicide — We Need More Clarence’s

It’s that terrible/joyful holiday period when we push aside our pains and disappointments to join with the joy of the season and imagine a coming year full of wonders and possibilities. Of those pains here in America, none is greater than that of the specter of suicide, especially those among ou...

December 09, 2022

Involuntary Psychiatric Hospitalization can be Horrifying

I learned this week that the government of my city, New York, is advocating for reducing restrictions on police officers bringing individuals in for mandatory psychiatric care against their wills. We’ve discussed why emergency care is problematic in Substack before.  This directiv...

December 09, 2022

Reducing Veteran Suicides and Medical Debt – a Healthcare Maze

Healthcare expert and podcaster Michael McLafferty questions two veterans and their civilian supporter as to their ambitious campaign to both reduce the rate of veteran suicide and to abolish – literally – the unpaid and unpayable medical debt owed by vets through the VA system. To put the suici...

November 30, 2022

Navy Seabee Tim Peña is Veteran Mission Possible’s Journalist of the Month

“Navy veteran Tim Peña sat on the laminate wood flooring in his studio apartment for three days. There was no TV or radio, just his thoughts. He thought about how to clean up all the blood if he survived, or how his family would have to walk through it to collect his things if he succeeded. He th...

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