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11 November 2021

Searchlight / Spotlight / Ignite - Let's Rethink This Model - to generate one million dollars in Medical Debt Relief

LRT’s Cary Harrison puts LRT’s “Awareness” model to good use today when the famed KPFK.fm partnered with the national charity, RIP Medical Debt, to abolish one million dollars in unpayable medical debt currently burdening LA county. It’s even more aggressive than that.  Between the hour of...

November 09, 2021

Mona Shaikh – Our Let’s Rethink This November Impact Artist

Let’s Rethink This is proud to be added to this woman’s list of “Firsts.” In LRT’s case, she is our first comedian and first Muslim-American woman to hold this post.  She is the first South Asian/Middle Eastern Female Comedian to perform for over 60,000 people in any country, first Pakistan...

October 24, 2021

A Roadmap to Peace

The people are divided. They choose discord and disharmony over unity and understanding. We see conflict in every town, city, and State and strife in nearly every neighborhood, resulting in national and international discontent.  Children disrespect their parents. Parents loathe their leade...

October 06, 2021

Seafood Ecosystem - Why Save the Oceans?

Article originally published in Seafood Seafood Ecosystem Through generations of mismanagement and lack of understanding, our oceans have suffered greatly. Some refer to this as The Tragedy of the Commons. Healing the harm done to the oceans and encouraging good stewardship of this resource as a...

September 24, 2021

Behind the Process: The Big Rethink

Over the past 50 years, we’ve wrapped the globe with our minds through information technology. The internet of things (IoT) already consists of billions of sensors. Virtual and augmented reality, robotics, geospatial positioning, and more are now forming a global nervous system - it has been cal...

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