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New Psychiatric Clinic "Fermata" Focuses on Rapid Treatment of Depression and OCD in Just 5 Days

New Psychiatric Clinic "Fermata" Focuses on Rapid Treatment of Depression and OCD With Remission Possible in Just 5 Days

Mar 21, 2023
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BROOKLYN, N.Y., March 21, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Fermata, a new mental health clinic located in North Williamsburg, Brooklyn, is proud to announce its launch. With their innovative approach, "It's Time to Feel Well."

At Fermata, patients can receive accelerated deep transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS), a non-invasive, safe, and medication-free treatment option that has shown remarkable results in the real world patients for depression and OCD. Owen Scott Muir, M.D., has been an advocate for this approach in his influential newsletter, "The Frontier Psychiatrists," and explains: "Based on research conducted at Stanford Brain Stimulation Lab, their SAINT approach has been shown to have depression in remission 79% of the time in only five days." He continues: "Whereas the Stanford team used fMRI to guide their treatment, Fermata uses more modern H-coil deep TMS systems by Brainsway to achieve similar results."

One of the authors of the SAINT paper, David Carreon, M.D., says of Fermata: "[They] are the smartest and most innovative doctors in practice today. [Their] understanding of mental health challenges and how to care for them exceeds every other psychiatrist I know in private practice."

As a technology-driven clinic, Fermata is committed to providing patients with the best possible care using cutting-edge technology. The clinic is powered by Osmind, a Public Benefit Electronic Health record and technology company that helps practices to generate real world evidence and utilize measurement based care to guide treatment. In addition, Fermata has research partnerships with Brainify.ai and iRxReminder, which utilize AI to help identify potential treatment options and improve medication adherence. It is in network with First Tracks PBC, a clinically integrated network for behavioral health.

"We are excited to bring a treatment that works in under a week for depression and OCD to our clients," said Dr. Owen Muir, co-founder of Fermata. "Our experience as physician-scientists, and as co-authors of some of the largest papers in the field, helped us understand that getting better rapidly is what people really needed. With Fermata, it's possible."

Carlene MacMillan, M.D., co-founder of Fermata, is the Chief Medical Officer of Osmind and primarily focuses on the intersection of technology and breakthrough mental health treatments. She serves as the Co-Chair of the Clinical TMS Society Insurance Committee, and is the Co-Chair of the Consumer Issues Committee for the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry (AACAP) leading the Facts For Families initiative.Owen Scott Muir, M.D. is a founding member of the AACAP Clinical Essentials Committee which creates official Continuing Medical Education modules, including Neuromodulation in Children and Adolescents. Drs. Muir and MacMillan are international speakers on this and other topics, including at SXSW 2023, the 2023 APA Annual Meeting, American Telehealth Association 2023, The International Conference for Emergency Medicine (ICEM) 2023, and the 3rd Annual KOL Relationship Management Summit, among others.

Fermata is now accepting patient consultations for accelerated TMS. For more information or to schedule an appointment, visit the clinic's website at https://www.fermata.health/

About Fermata

Fermata is a mental health practice located in North Williamsburg, Brooklyn, that specializes in accelerated transcranial magnetic stimulation with Brainsway systems. Fermata offers a supportive and welcoming environment to help our patients feel at ease during their treatment.

Contact Information
58 N. 9th St.
Suite 103
Brooklyn, NY 11249

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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