2021 – A Year of Rethinking

In late 2020 after my retirement from RIP Medical Debt as its co-founder, I mulled over the extraordinary success of that charity. Exactly what made it one of the most impactful charities to come into existence in the last decade — one that has taken over $3,000,000,000 (yes, billion) in medical debt off the backs of millions of Americans in six-plus short years?

Could its impact be duplicated in other fields and to the same beneficial effect? Bottled? Distributed? The derived answer was and is to be found in rethinking.

I and Let’s Rethink This co-founder Dina Magnes along with our co-creators at LRT are set to showcase such change-makers via interviews, media promotions and introductions to the people and processes necessary to accelerating their efforts and amplifying their impact.

Getting there from here.

What follows is the ‘Why, How, What and Who” details of that pronouncement and our still-forming mission and purpose for the year 2021.


Why did Let’s Rethink This have to come into existence? The world is in desperate need of a major do-over. Name a structure, organization, belief, or process that doesn’t need to be rethought. Politics. Healthcare. Race relations. Religion. Wealth distribution. Laws. The Presidency, Senate, House and their replications downstream in states, counties and cities.

An almost endless list of broken, extractive or regressive systems.

By any measure, the United States of America is bankrupt. Financially and in verifiable ways, morally. How well we come out of this bankruptcy will determine the state of the world in which we and generations after us will be living. The beneficiaries (or victims) will be our children, their children and their children’s children and society at large. Are these compelling enough reasons to rethink?


I walked into Occupy Wall Street as a debt collector. Months later, I walked out of Occupy Wall Street as a debt forgiver. Impact!

There could be many more referent examples other than our inspiration, RIP Medical Debt as to how a change of mind can create impact. How are they doing it? How are they setting us an example? We intend to find and feature them.


LRT will make visible and available the talents and creations of people whose work promises great social impact for good…work that comes out of their reflection on and re-thinking of something amiss in their work or our society.

Importantly, LRT will serve these individuals, organizations or causes as an accelerator. We often will find these people and their ideas already formed and even in action — just not noticed. We will bend every effort to facilitate the introductions needed (funders, partners, clients) to ensure the impact of their work.

In a unique fashion, we intend to be a media attractant. In addition to exclusive Zoom features and Medium articles at our site and elsewhere, we will engage our friends in the press and blogging world to feature our heroes in articles and interviews to secure national and even international attention.


My experience in life, sharpened in bringing RIP Medical Debt into existence, the right people magically — and intentionally — show up. Some to make things happen and others to disrupt what is happening: equally important. LRT is gifted in having these early adventurers as co-creators.

Alisa (Lisa) Gus and Eugene Teplitsky of WishKnish serve to bring their amazing technical and leadership skills in Blockchain to our work. They describe their involvement as technological guidance to help steer LRT innovation towards democratizing community access for learning about, getting involved in, and ultimately enacting meaningful change.

Adel Elmessiry, Ph.D, CEO of AlphaFin, supplies the financial/banking technology ecosystem experience to help us rethink economic transactions and ease America’s transition into a digital economy. Participating as DLN, a decentralized autonomous organization created by the community to launch an open financial network of interest-free microloans backed by one’s social reputation.

Laquelle Mari is a specialist in executing vision from inception to completion is a vast span of industries, including the arts, music, technology and media.

Phaedra Poliquin is our digital strategist and art director who keeps us current in Ai tech and trends that will sharpen our ability to search out and feature “futurists.” She sees her involvement as designing systems that merge creativity and technology to propel cultural systemic change in the arts and society.

Justin Markell, founder and curator of Stand With Impact, brings his significant credentials in culture-led thinking with artists and activists to LRT.

Ted Schulman is a connector with global thought leaders in open source technologies and devotes himself to bringing impactful change and rethinking to the Digital Divide and sustainable development. He sees his involvement as helping to anchor LRT’s thinking from an evolutionary perspective and in harmony with nature.

Dina Magnes is RIP Medical Debt’s Associate Director of Education (the first woman hire within the founding team). She contributes to LRT as its co-founder and brings with her proven team leading skills, creativity and enthusiasm.

All in all – a good start.

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