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02 April 2021

When Will More Doctors Stand Up for Their Patients and Themselves?

I walked into the hospital for my 7-7 overnight shift through the ER, as was my practice. Always good to know what little surprises they have in store for you. My pediatric colleague, whom I was about to relieve, looked upset. She gave me the thumbnail: " Four month old had been there almost thre...

April 01, 2021

When It is Time to Rethink Your Career

The first time I can recall rethinking my career as a corporate health insurance executive was during a company leadership meeting. The top brass had decided to get on the “consumer-driven” bandwagon, and we had been summoned to a large conference room to be briefed on the strategy. “Consumer-dr...

March 31, 2021

Let’s Rethink American ‘Democracy’

This year, America turns 245-years old. Despite recent proclamations made to MAGA, America was never that great in the first place. Growing up in Smalltown, USA in the 1960s can leave an indelible mark on a life. One of my earliest memory of my Mother was in 1960 as I accompanied her to the town...

March 31, 2021

Our Collective Odyssey: Rethinking Civilization

I began this article sitting in a very well-spaced socially distanced Starbucks in South Korea's second-largest City, Daegu a short time back. Whilst I sipped that Sunday morning coffee, I skimmeed through some of the headlines.  I read that the US Senate is poised to commence the second im...

March 29, 2021

Rethinking Government Assistance: Why Universal Basic Income is Conservative and Liberal

I don't consider myself to be very extreme on either side of the political ledger but, if I were to categorize myself, it would probably be slightly to the conservative side. I uphold as good the classical liberal values of tolerance, compassion, forgiveness, freedom of speech (even unpopular spe...

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