Victor Guiza – LRT’s July 2021 Impact Artist

Jun 30, 2021
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Who doesn’t love cartoons? Who doesn’t love Superheroes (and Sheroes)? Who doesn’t love what has evolved into a modern day marriage of art and social consciousness now called “graphic novels?”

Therefore, who wouldn’t love LRT’s “Impact Artist” for July, veteran cartoonist Victor Guiza who is a newly-added member of LRT’s Co-Creators?

If you are from Missouri (the Show Me state for our younger readers – you know, the ones you have to prove things to?) and are reserving your opinion, today’s publication of LRT’s very first Rethinking Superhero featuring Clayton Banks of Silicon Harlem should provide reasons for your approval.

Everyone knows the basic plot of a comic or graphic novel. There is a s/hero, a wrong that needs to be righted, and an outcome that only superpowers could possibly bring about. This very first rendition of today’s s/heroes into visible, colorful panels which both delight as well as instruct follows that theme.

Why did we choose Clayton to be the hero on cartoon strip #1? He is doing what heroes do. What is the wrong that needs to be vanquished? The digital divide. The hoped-for outcome our hero will deliver? Bringing affordable broadband and Internet access to Harlem today where at least 40% of the population cannot afford to get online.

The costs of not having access are painfully immeasurable. First, education. Especially during COVID, youngsters and families could not keep up with schooling. Then, health. In today’s world of medical care it is almost impossible to get good information, updates as to COVID-19 protections and even making doctor’s appointments without broadband.

Lastly, community. For all its faults, sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and all the social media apps (and our own site, of course) make it easier to connect and to share our thoughts and our answers.

Thanks to the dedication and perseverance of Clayton and his team and supporters at Silicon Harlem – and people or organizations that will bring with them the financial support these efforts deserve – those arid days will be in the past. Not a connection too soon.

That’s where Impact Artist Vic comes in

Armed with close to 40 years of combined experience as a Creative Designer in Comics, children’s books, advertising, illustration and animation and sporting clients and employers and brands from 17 countries, he is unusually equipped to immediately “see” his clients and their work as graphic art; their work as heroic.

Who would agree as to his ability to bring people or ideas into graphic reality?

We can start with Disney, The Simpsons (Bongo Comics), Marvel Comics/Upper Deck and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Not to mention the different awards earned for his work as a children book illustrator and the fact that Vic holds a Master of Product Arts from Disney Consumer Products.

And now, he has made a home within the LRT community.

LRT can thank one of our Co-Creators and Vic’s agent for this introduction and employment, Cary Harrison. It was Cary who saw LRT as a natural evolution for Vic’s continued growth as a respected comic artist.

Will you agree as to the importance of this new approach to rethinking? Kindly check out the ‘toon as well as listen to this Zoom interview and draw your own conclusions.

Vic is looking for a new, progressive audience of change-makers. Let’s show him some love.

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